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written by: Chang-Won KIM Ji-Youn PARK
directed by: Yoo-Byung YOON


Held only once every eight years, MegaRace begins when the
planet Stellar is in eclipse to open up a special portal. The
winners get to claim a gigantic prize and a secret, magical
force. It is one of the most exhilarating sports to watch live. But,
it is also one of the most dangerous, as the contestants may
easily fall off the tracks and become either trapped in the
portal or find themselves lost in another era.
Hoya, our protagonist, begins his journey to MegaRace at the
age of 9 as an amateur racer in hope to solve the mystery
about his parents who went missing during the race eight years
ago. As his parents disappeared into thin air, they left him a
fantastic race car that can only be controlled with his jelly-like
soft paws. Little did they know how full of conspiracies
MegaRace was! Will the trio be able to make it to the race? Will
Hoya find his parents and possibly win the race?


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