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Take the outrageousness of Fritz The Cat, add the whip smart action of Tarantino and you get BAD CAT. A crudely funny, action-packed animation motion picture destined to become a cult movie classic.

In a sleazy downtown area in Istanbul, Rifki the Seagull and Riza the Rat are preparing for 'the mother of all parties' along with their fearless leader, Shero:

a hot-blooded, sex-crazed alley cat.

But their night of booze, babes & BBQ is thrown into chaos following the unexpected arrival of Shero's bastard son along with the accidental death of a sweet, innocent housebound feline who was an object of Shero's affection.

With the dead pussy's owner hell-bent on avenging her death, Shero must face being a father, defeat the crazed lunatic and still leave time to fall in love. All of this before his nine lives become none.

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