Pedro, a courageous orphan pure of heart, is desperate to escape his wretched orphanage and its cruel custodian Vasco. One evening, after being punished by Vasco for not earning enough money, Pedro cries his heart out, sending a silent prayer into the universe. To his great surprise his plea is answered in the form of a mysterious box. This box contains a link to the mythical chimeric creatures called THE ALEBRIJES. Legend has it that for every person in the world there is an Alebrije that is a reflection of who they are - the pure of heart and the wicked alike have an Alebrijes to match.

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Cleopatra, an overlooked and bookish child of five struggles to find her place in the family hierarchy and to win her father’s approval and affection.


When her father does not return from Rome, Cleo sets out with the help of her animal friends, on a quest that takes her across the empire to rescue him from enemies who wish to steal the throne.


In the world's harshest climate, the Arabian desert, where only the fittest survive, Rami the pure hearted, humpless camel endures the impossible to save the life o his best friend, an ailing Beduin boy.


Rami is joined in his quest by a band of ecentric animal misfits. Will they end up driving each other crazy before they can reunite the camel and his boy?