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Welcome to the tropical island paradise known as the Zoobak Resort, home of world-class hospitality provided by The Beachbuds. These exotic birds are           the funniest feathered friends to ever serve you. When they're not busy giving guests their best day ever, they get into zany adventures the whole family will enjoy watching. Every episode is a vacation  that you'll never want to end



Adventures of Kim and Kay (10 x 11') is an exciting original animated series that follows Kim, a smart excitable schoolgirl, who dreams   of one-day becoming an NFL sporting superstar. The catch? She's got the passion but not the skill. After a disastrous day at school tryouts, Kim finds a mysterious "Fantasy Football" board game in her dusty attic. When she starts playing, Kim is magically transported into the game world. What's more, she can choose any player in the league to be beamed into the game to play by her side. How cool is that! So she picks Kayvon Webster, her all-time favorite player.